Netball Girls Share The Fun Of Sharing The Court With Guys

Netball Girls Share The Fun Of Sharing The Court With Guys

Netball has always been more associated with girls, and for a long time, it was the “girl power” sport. The years, however, have brought developments to the sport and now, girls enjoy sharing the game and the court with the males.

This has been a positive development so far because it further increased the popularity of the sport. Although females have proven their impressive skills on the court, having males join definitely enhanced the dynamics of the game. Likewise, girls and guys playing together is a different kind of fun — the interaction is quite different and that manifests in the teamwork displayed in competitions.

Post-match mingling is also quite delightful to observe. There’s always such a friendly atmosphere, especially among team members who are already married and have families that frequently come to show support. It’s quite a wholesome and inviting scene.

Netball girls point out that there’s great satisfaction in planning game tactics with their male teammates. Girls and guys have different thought processes, which allows them to get really creative with plays, and there are more complex ideas being exchanged. This serves as a wonderful motivation for them to elevate competitions.

Not only that, a sport that combines female and male skills also creates the perfect opportunity to transfer skills to each other. Women have grace and flexibility, while men have speed and strength. Working with each other enhances the level of athleticism displayed for the sport.

It’s likewise important to mention that playing with the guys encourages mutual respect between genders. It’s hard to win at netball if men and women don’t acknowledge each side’s special contribution to the sport.

There truly is a lot to appreciate about mixed netball – take it from the girls.

It’s crucial to recognise though that mixed netball will not be as successful as it is now if it weren’t for the supportive organisations that are committed to the fun aspect of the social dynamics of the game, such as Melbourne Social Netball.

The company has contributed greatly to the growth of mixed netball in the country. With 21 years in the industry, it has consistently catered to the evolution of the sport. It has created courts in strategic locations in Melbourne such as the Riverside Golf and Tennis Centre, Melbourne High School, Richmond Recreation Centre, Flagstaff Gardens, and Ryan’s Reserve. These locations have made the sport more accessible to fans.

On top of that, Melbourne Social Netball has created a website that makes signing up as a team or individual a breeze. Payments can be done through the website, and for individuals or smaller groups who are looking for a team to join in the league, Melbourne Social Netball helps with placements.

Lastly, it makes sure that mixed netball competitions are carried out to the highest standards. Umpires are properly trained to assist the unique dynamics of the game and ensure that no matter how competitive everyone on the court gets, a friendly atmosphere is always maintained.