Riverside Golf & Tennis Centre – A True Find For Any Netball Club In Maribyrnong

Riverside Golf & Tennis Centre – A True Find For Any Netball Club In Maribyrnong

Melbourne Social Netball is eager to share its gem of a find in terms of game venues. Along the serene waters and meandering beauty of the Maribyrnong River is the charming suburb of Ascot Vale, home to the Riverside Golf & Tennis Centre, which has recently added seven brand-spanking new, top quality flexipave netball courts to its facilities. Not many netball clubs in the area are aware of its presence just yet. Talk about a hidden treasure! Any netball club in Maribyrnong would be thrilled to discover this venue in its backyard.

Bordered by the Maribyrnong River in the west and the Moonee Ponds Creek in the east, Ascot Vale is a charming suburb five kilometres north-west of Melbourne. Golf and baseball are big here, but netball has always been a favourite pastime, especially among the females of the population. There are several netball clubs and teams in the area, many of them eager to play different venues close by, which is why the new courts are sure to drum up excitement among actively competing teams.

The Riverside Golf & Tennis Centre is about ten kilometres from CBD Riverside and easily accessible by various means of transport. The facilities include a golf course, tennis courts, a high ropes challenge course, those seven netball courts, as well as a bar and restaurant for various functions and events. To get there, you take an 82 tram from Footscray and get off at Maribyrnong & Epsom Road, after which you walk a block up Epsom, and then turn right on Newsom Street.

Having a bar and restaurant right there on the Riverside grounds, competing players can choose to take advantage of the establishment to unwind after a game, celebrate a win, commiserate over a loss, or simply dine or drink with friends before heading on home. This is definitely ideal for those wishing to fully capitalise on the social aspect of the sport.

The Riverside netball courts currently serve as playing venues for Melbourne Netball competitions and the Riverside’s Spring/Summer Junior Netball Competition. While the junior league involves child players, Melbourne Netball caters to teams made up of players 18 years old and above. Besides the Riverside courts, it also offers other venues in Inner Melbourne, including both indoor and other outdoor courts. If your team wants to experience playing in this new netball facility in Ascot Vale, you best sign up with Melbourne Netball, which holds social mixed and ladies competitions there on Monday and Wednesday nights.