Considered one of the most popular sports in Australia nowadays is mixed netball, which joins male and female players together for an even more action-packed and thrilling competition that requires exceptional skills to clinch a victory. As a beloved sport that both young and old enjoy, it’s quite common to see social netball teams with members spanning three generations. While folks intent on joining any of the Melbourne Social Netball teams must be at least 18 years old, there’s definitely no age discrimination against healthy and enthusiastic “golden” players (usually men over 50 years old) who can still throw the ball with great precision and run around their side of the court energetically.

The unique social dynamics of mixed netball and the incredible excitement of the games are the sport’s attractive points; as one of the few sports that combine male and female players, mixed netball provides the perfect demonstration that men and women can be equals in sports. In addition to this, the strict rules surrounding game decorum (physical contact among players and distracting tactics are not allowed) really set netball apart from other team sports. Avid fans of the sport claim that netball is a great reminder that strong positive values can still be witnessed in intense sporting competitions.

And to help further increasing the popularity of the sport, there’s good news for all big fans and teams playing social netball: Essendon has great venues for competitions. You have Ascot Vale (which is the home of the Melbourne Aces, one of the teams of the Australian Baseball League) as a great destination for netball competitions. The Ascot Vale Melbourne Social Netball venue is the “happening” place for fans and athletes; it’s right smack in the centre of the suburb, so it’s easily accessible, and it’s located along the Maribyrnong River which is just 10 kilometres from the CBD Riverside. This venue has seven top-quality flexi-pave netball courts; this means several competitions can take place simultaneously, which will likely be a much-anticipated treat for local fans of the sport. And what makes this venue more special is that there’s a bar and restaurant close by, which makes celebrations of a victorious game so much easier for both fans and players.

In addition to the Ascot Vale Melbourne Social Netball venue, it’s important to mention that Riverside Golf and Tennis Centre offers netball courts as well; local mixed netball teams can take their competitions here to delight fans in the area. With these netball venues in Essendon, there surely will be no shortage of games for the sport’s enthusiasts to follow.

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