Things You Need To Know About Social Netball – Melbourne League Shares 7

Things You Need To Know About Social Netball – Melbourne League Shares 7

Aussies are known for being a rather athletic lot. The largely outdoorsy lifestyle is definitely a contributory factor. It’s important to mention as well that the natural physical built of Australians helps them dominate in various sports.

Netball is one of the many sports that Australians particularly excel at. Although not as well known globally as other sports, it is very popular in the country. Special netball techniques were developed in Australia and there are leagues throughout the country that are ensuring the advancement of the sport.

If you’re not too familiar about netball, here are some facts about social netball; Melbourne Social Netball shares seven:

1. It is a sport that doesn’t discriminate over age.

Young children and adults in their golden years are welcome to participate. There are lots of leagues that include children below 12 years old and adults beyond 50 years old.

2. It is a contact sport but it requires players to be completely respectful during competition.

Umpires make sure that the game firmly adheres to rules about contact — they answer questions and address concerns in order to create a smooth flow for the game.

3. The sport has seen great growth in the last two decades.

There are more leagues or companies now that support the sport and have made it easier for teams to form and play for the game seasons. In Victoria, Melbourne Social Netball has contributed significantly to the growth of the sport and its popularity. It has made the sport accessible with a website that accommodates various transactions, along with its well-maintained competition venues (the Riverside Golf and Tennis Centre, Melbourne High School, Richmond Recreation Centre, Flagstaff Gardens, and Ryan’s Reserve).

4. In 2016, rule amendments were made.

This has made the game faster-paced – no more two-minute injury timeouts. Likewise, the popular move called the “defensive lift” has been banned. There were tweaks to penalties and other court moves as well.

5. A game normally lasts for an hour and 20 minutes.

In some situations, it can extend beyond this given time or end earlier if the event organiser and teams opt to shorten the halftime interval to just eight minutes.

6. It is one of the few sports in the world that allows females and males to play together.

Mixed netball typically requires teams to have female players and male players who are only allowed to play the following positions: centre, goalkeeper, and goal shooter. The “combined” players definitely present more interesting dynamics for the game.

7. This sport requires skills that other sports don’t.

Since players are assigned specific areas of the court and are not allowed to go beyond those, it’s imperative to develop strategies to master their designated spots in order to ensure successful plays. Players say the restrictions inspire them to get really creative and resourceful.

Come and watch a netball game to see what sets it apart from other sports and why it’s so popular. Check out the venue calendar for matches near you.