To Join A Netball Team Is To Win At Life

To Join A Netball Team Is To Win At Life

Netball is a great metaphor for life and if you learn how to be a good netballer, you’ll be able to navigate your way through life with a winning attitude that will allow you to endure to a triumphant finish.

Like life, the course of a netball game is made of ups and downs, seemingly endless challenges, and constant adversity. Now, a true sportsperson will tell you that losing a netball game is not a failure. You can lose a game and still feel proud of your performance and enriched by the experience. This is especially true for social netball. Melbourne Social Netball teams find that they benefit from their matches, win or lose.

What are some of the life lessons you can learn if you join a netball team and start playing regularly at game venues such as the netball courts at Riverside Golf and Tennis Centre, Melbourne High School, Flagstaff Gardens, Ryan’s Reserve, and Richmond Recreation Centre?

  • Learn and master the fundamentals before you play. Before you put yourself out there and go up against society, you must at least know the basic principles of living. In netball, you have to learn the rules and the moves, then you have to test and train yourself to get things right. In life, you have to establish your goals and values, as well as acquire the necessary skills and come up with strategies for success.
  • Prepare yourself in every way. This means that you have to be physically, mentally, and emotionally primed for playing so that you can deliver optimum performance. You need to do the same for the real world. If you’re not physically, emotionally, and mentally fit to take on the demands of everyday living, you’ll find yourself unable to cope, which will essentially lead to defeat.
  • Appreciate teamwork. When you work as a team with other players, you are able to accomplish so much more. Your teammates benefit from your strengths and you can expect them to step in and help with your weakness. In life, remember to contribute, share, and cooperate in a similar manner.
  • Always be aware. In netball, you need to know what’s going on in other parts of the court so you can anticipate how things will play out and do something if you want to shift the game’s direction. This is true for life, too. Being conscious of your surroundings will protect you from anything untoward and allow you to more quickly move forward and upward.
  • Always persevere; never quit. Losses can be disheartening, and knowing that you’re not the best can be discouraging. These shouldn’t convince you to give up. You keep on playing because you love the game and you get so much out of it. The same is true in life. You’ll experience both wins and losses, so you’ll have to learn how to celebrate victory and accept defeat gracefully. Through it all, you keep going.

In netball and in life, you don’t get to the good stuff if you choose not to take part. If you want to enjoy the sport, take that first step in playing and join a netball team. If you want to enjoy life, join the land of the living and make sure that you participate. Making that choice already makes you a winner.