Why You Should Try Joining Netball Clubs In Melbourne

Why You Should Try Joining Netball Clubs In Melbourne

It’s not always easy being the new employee or the new neighbour — not unless you’re a rock star when it comes to making new friends. For most people, though, meeting new people or even making connections (as one would have in high school or college) is simply not easy at a certain age. When you get to be in your late 30s or 50s, you might not have the energy or the inclination to socialise for the sole purpose of making friends.

However, when you join netball clubs in Melbourne, you might find this goal a lot less difficult to achieve. Netball clubs bring two ideal goals together, actually: getting physically fit and meeting new people. It doesn’t matter if you join because you don’t know a soul in your new neighbourhood or because you want to get to know more people in the office. What matters is that you will reap the many benefits that this contact ball sport has to offer.

If you’re unconvinced, just ask the men and women at Melbourne Netball, a leader in social netball and umpire training. Created in 1996, Melbourne Netball arranges exciting social netball games almost every day of the week at five Inner Melbourne venues, indoors and outdoors. Here you can get accurate information about the sport and what it can do for you; and you can meet new people who will help you improve your athletic ability and extend your social network.

Perhaps that is the most prominent benefit from playing netball, that you get to develop new relationships and that you enrich the ones you already have, in your community and in your office. The magnificent thing about netball is that games may be arranged for men and women, also known as mixed netball. Over the years, an increasing number of men have discovered the intensity and physicality of netball and women have grown to love the camaraderie cultivated among female players, creating a dynamic that’s perfect for making friends and sowing romances.

While social mixed netball may seem like a friendly match, make no mistake — it can get deeply intense. The game, which is played within a span of 60 minutes with four 15-minute quarters and five minutes for half-time break, is fast-paced. So a team would need to have a good strategy and players have to be quick on their feet and have good hand-eye coordination in order to score goals — or better yet, win a game.

Finally, Melbourne’s netball clubs offer a safe environment for both beginners and seasoned players. Venues are carefully chosen and games are facilitated with experienced and trained umpires. Accidents and injuries are prevented, and players always have the time of their lives.

Whether matches are arranged between male and female co-workers or neighbours, Melbourne netball clubs see to it that you maximise what this increasingly popular sport has to offer.