Join Netball Competitions — Melbourne Clubs Offer Exhilarating Benefits

Join Netball Competitions — Melbourne Clubs Offer Exhilarating Benefits

Sometimes, you need to blow off a little bit of steam. So you go to the gym, get on the treadmill and run as though the devil were on your tail. If that has not helped you any, then maybe it’s time you tried something else. Something more challenging. Something more exciting. Something that celebrates the spirit of competitiveness.

Welcome to Netball

In Melbourne, that “something” would be netball, a contact ball sport played in over 80 countries by more than 20 million — and counting, perhaps — people, from men and women to the young and the old. There are two teams, with seven players each, playing on a rectangular court that features raised goal rings on both ends. Each player has a specific designation or playing position: centre, goal shooter, goal keeper, goal attack, wing attack, wing defence, and goal defence.

When you join netball competitions, Melbourne clubs will put you where your strengths lie. The beauty of netball is that you can even play against men and women, as in mixed netball competitions, and that your goal for joining doesn’t necessarily have to be just about winning, as in social netball competitions, which are conducted in a safe and fun environment by Melbourne Netball.

Melbourne Netball, incidentally, organises plenty of social netball competitions. You have the option to sign up your own team, join any team, or even train to become an umpire. Established since 1996, Melbourne Netball has been promoting everything the sport has to offer, from engaging your mind and body to building camaraderie.

Burn Calories, Make New Friends

But whether you’ve joined a netball club to take up a challenging new sport or to simply have something exciting to do for your weekends, you’ll benefit from the training you’ll get. For one, you’ll burn calories, improve your flexibility and hand-eye coordination, gain agility, and generally, just see and feel the physical results of training for every netball game. And because the interactions you make with your teammates and perhaps even competitors will bring on a lot of fun, netball allows you to get a workout that you’re sure to sustain because you will not get bored, nor tire of it.

For another, netball competitions are an excellent way of fostering camaraderie between units in a corporate setting or between neighbours in communities. While some games can get really intense as each player gets into the thick of things on the court, off the court you’ll still be able to cultivate new relationships and improve existing ones. This is why netball competitions are highly recommended for companies looking to introduce a new approach to building teamwork at the office and for communities seeking to strengthen relationships.