10 Good Reasons to Join a Netball Club In Richmond

10 Good Reasons to Join a Netball Club In Richmond

The popularity of netball has grown by leaps and bounds. You might know someone who has tried out the sport, and you might even have a family member who is part of a group that plays regularly on weekends. Now it’s your turn to think about whether you might want to pick up the sport and join a netball club.

Here are 10 good reasons to join one today.

1. There are plenty of netball clubs.

If you live in the Melbourne suburb of Richmond, you will not find it hard to locate a netball club. A netball club in Richmond can offer plenty of opportunities for anyone, of any age, to get into the sport and engage in competitions.

Also, with more netball clubs comes an increase in great venues. Established facilities like the Riverside Golf and Tennis Centre now has netball courts.

2. You will be able to meet new people, and forge lasting friendships.

Netball has long been known to help people make connections. It’s one good way of meeting new friends when you are new to the neighbourhood. The time spent during practice, at competitions, and sometimes outside the netball court can help you develop friendships with a wide variety of people.

3. You can also develop a romantic relationship.

Because netball isn’t just a sport for men or women, as in mixed netball, you have the opportunity to develop a romantic relationship with the opposite sex.

4. You can widen your network of contacts.

Aside from friendships and romantic interests, mixed and social netball can also help you improve your network of contacts. When you’re an entrepreneur, those new contacts could prove to be very valuable.

5. You can enhance the spirit of teamwork for your company.

Netball has also become a crucial strategy for companies to develop teamwork. As a team building exercise, netball can bring your employees together in a way that no other team building programmes can; the sport, after all, is both physically and mentally challenging. Teams need to develop good strategy and cooperation in order to score a goal or win the game.

6. You improve physical fitness.

According to Melbourne Social Netball, a premiere resource that facilitates playing and umpiring for the sport, netball is an intensified physical contest. It increases your agility, speed, and athletic skills. Such intensity is also the main reason why a growing number of men are getting into the game.

7. Joining a netball club is flexible.

When you join a netball club in the Melbourne suburb, you have the option to participate as an individual player, with a team, or even as an umpire. Of course, you would have to know how to be an umpire.

8. The games are not just fun, but completely safe.

Melbourne Social Netball not only ensures that social games are fun but also safe by choosing appropriate venues.

9. Netball is good for your mind and body.

It’s not just the physicality of the sport that makes it beneficial. It’s also about the demands it places on the way you think, to defend, to fend off or anticipate an attack, and eventually, to score a goal.

10. The netball community is a welcoming and nurturing one.

Finally, when you join a netball club, you will be welcomed with open arms by people of different ages and different backgrounds. There’s no better way to spend your days, outside of work, than with such a positive community.