Stay Fit, Have Fun — Join Ascot Vale Netball Competitions Today

Stay Fit, Have Fun — Join Ascot Vale Netball Competitions Today

Netball is one tough, competitive, but totally exhilarating sport to play. So you’re really into it. However, not only is it all those things, but also this ever popular sport is a fantastic way to meet new people — to broaden your network of contacts outside the office and beyond your neighbourhood. For some organisations, playing netball is a tremendous way to build team spirit.

Over the years, netball has been steadily getting more players, fueled by the intensity of the sport and the fact that men and women can be pitted against each other in very dynamic games. In each game, the players’ skills have grown, with increased athleticism and speed. And as more players organise more teams and more games, it only makes sense that newer and better venues begin to open up to accommodate the growing demand.

One such new venue happens to be in Ascot Vale.

Ascot Vale netball competitions may now be held at Melbourne’s premier tennis facilities, the Riverside Golf & Tennis Centre. The lovely location just recently opened up top quality flexipave netball courts. The new netball venue is located along the serene Maribyrnong River. It is pretty ideal for social netball competitions because of its proximity to the CBD Riverside, a terrific spot for hanging out after the games because you will find great bars and restaurants around here.

So whether or not your ladies’ team or mixed team is victorious in its next netball competition, everyone can hop on over to the CBD Riverside, catch a late dinner, and end the evening with several pints while going over the plays in the game. And while you’re at it, you may even plan for the next scheduled competition.

If you’re not too keen though on outdoor netball courts, Melbourne Social Netball, which serves as a great resource and community for netball players, features a list of venues with indoor netball courts.

Incidentally, Melbourne Social Netball also makes game announcements for netball season at the Ascot Vale venue. So if your team were so inclined, check in with their website to find out the latest schedules and other pertinent information (e.g., registration, fees per game, etc.) you may need.

Netball is an excellent way to stay in shape, get into the competitive spirit, and meet new people. With newer and greater venues like the Ascot Vale outdoor courts, this sport just got easier and more convenient to play. That’s because you now have multiple venues to choose from: near your workplace or near your neighbourhood. Indeed, what more could you ask for from this intensely fun sport?