Mixed Netball In Ascot Vale – An Ideal Activity For Local Housewives

Mixed Netball In Ascot Vale – An Ideal Activity For Local Housewives

Netball is one really popular sport in Australia; it’s highly anticipated by many because it’s quite an exciting game, and with simple enough dynamics, even very young audiences will have no issue following the court action. In addition to that, mixed netball in particular is one of the few sports that put men and women in the same court and on the same team; how they work together is quite fascinating to observe.

Likewise, contributing to the attractiveness of the sport is how it’s so easy to join local mixed netball teams. Players can start off with minimal skills and improve with the help of their teammates. And with the special rules of the game that keep competitions intense yet still very engaging, players and spectators never have to worry about nasty behaviours being displayed and snuffing the fun out of the competitive event.

Many believe that it’s because all of these components that mixed netball is deemed an ideal activity for women — especially housewives who definitely deserve their own time for enjoyment and exercise while the children are in school and their spouses are at work. For a few hours on certain days, they can break from their usual routine, get in some physical activity, let off some steam, and be a different kind of empowered woman.

Also, netball is also a great way to socialise with both men and women of different ages. It’s very healthy for housewives to have a life outside of the home that will allow them to enrich themselves with challenging experiences and develop other values that they can apply to their own households. Perhaps, the most important value that the sport reinforces is the way men and women are equals inside and outside the court, and must work together to accomplish something good.

Mixed netball in Ascot Vale is already catching the attention of local mums and wives toward the game, and the growing population of such players is truly generating more spectators. Young children and husbands are coming out to the games to see these women in action and provide support. According to Melbourne Social Netball, it’s all quite exciting because the sport is getting more attention and support from the community. In fact, the Riverside Golf and Tennis Centre, which also has netball courts often used by local teams, brims with enthusiasts or fans on game days.

Netball is truly benefiting these women greatly – it serves as a great reminder that they are dynamic human beings, and that being married with children is not the only definition of what they are. They are able, beautiful and powerful people who can offer so much more.