Lessons Your Organisation Can Learn From Ascot Vale Netball Clubs

Lessons Your Organisation Can Learn From Ascot Vale Netball Clubs

A little competition in the workplace can bring out the best in your employees. However, excessive competition can lead to friction, affecting the productivity of the organisation.

In today’s workplace, productivity, creativity and team work have become precious commodities. And one important thing that businesses or even not-for-profit organisations need to realise is that these do not come out of thin air. These intangibles require a massive amount of investment in terms of time, attention, effort and even money.

But how can organisations foster team spirit in order to attain the benefits of enhanced communication, improved employee morale and satisfaction, productivity and creativity?

It can be said that an industry has been built around the concept of building a solid workplace team. A quick online search will point you to numerous resources and strategies including the implementation of incentive schemes and sponsorship of team building activities.

While all of these provide immense benefits to an organisation, businesses can learn a great deal about team work from sports teams like Ascot Vale netball clubs.

Business and sports have several things in common. For example, a sports team needs to hurdle several internal and external challenges in order to emerge on top of the heap. Without learning how to trust each member, how to harness individual talents and skills, or how to be accountable for each actions, sports teams cannot expect to win the championship.

In the same vein, business organisations are comprised of individuals who need to understand their roles, fit themselves within the company culture, trust their co-workers and managers, and work together as a cohesive unit in order to achieve company objectives.

In both types of groups, success is sustained not by continuously using tested methods. Rather, continued success hinges on flexibility, and the ability to leverage hard-won lessons as a foundation for further success.

If you happen to visit Melbourne Social Netball, or the netball courts at the Riverside Golf and Tennis Centre, you can see first-hand how people coming from disparate backgrounds, and players with varying skill levels and personalities, learn how to gel as one team to overcome other teams. Organisations that use netball as a team building activity immerse their employees in a controlled environment that mimics some tough situations they may face in real life, enabling employees to develop quick thinking, trust and team loyalty.

If you wish to learn more about how your organisation can use netball as a team building activity, our website offers invaluable tips. You can also learn which venues are near your office as well as game schedules.