Common Mistakes In Team Building Activities Melbourne Social Netball Can Help You Avoid

Common Mistakes In Team Building Activities Melbourne Social Netball Can Help You Avoid

Hiring the best employees does not necessarily translate into building a top-calibre team. Individually, these members may have the skill set necessary to elevate the performance of your organisation. However, without cohesion, clear communication and collaboration, your organisation may be well on its way to failure.

Team building activities, Melbourne business owners and managers ought to know, try to put members of the organisation in complicated situations that require them to work as a cohesive unit, to put all their resources and skills together, and to adapt to new situations in order to come out on top.

However, finding a suitable team building activity can be challenging in itself. As such, it is imperative to be aware of potential problems that may arise. You might also want to know how these can be remedied by choosing social netball as your next team building activity.

One of the key mistakes in choosing a team building activity for an organisation is the failure to account for the suitability of the activity for the employees. There are some activities that are simply too taxing for some people, while there are others which certain employees may deem as too juvenile.

One of the qualities that makes netball a suitable team building activity is how people of varying fitness levels can go out and try it. If you happen to catch matches played at any of Melbourne Social Netball’s courts, you will notice the diversity of players, including those who play simply for fun and socialisation. On top of that, our umpires have been trained to help newbies get their feet wet in the game without compromising safety.

Another key mistake that organisations make with regards to choosing team building activities is to base their decision solely on price. Indeed, price should be one of the factors used in choosing which activities to opt for. However, team building success does not depend on how much money you spend.

Weekly game cost for netball is just $70. And for that minimal amount, you can build a solid team that knows how to trust, work and communicate well with one another.

Another crucial mistake to avoid is arranging for team building activities to be done within the premises of the company facility. Many employees feel that engaging in activities in a boardroom or a cafeteria lessens their importance, and so attendance drops after breaks.

Also, do not make the mistake of making your team undergo an activity for a substantial amount of time. Beyond six hours, team members lose focus. Ideally, team activities should last somewhere between two to three hours.

Melbourne Social Netball gives organisations five venues to choose from so you are likely to find one that is close to your office. Games are played four times a week (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday), making netball a good after-work activity. And with the fun that your employees can have, they’ll hardly notice the passing of time.