Corporate Team Building – Put Together A Winning Team With Netball

Corporate Team Building – Put Together A Winning Team With Netball

Successful sports teams and business organisations share numerous similarities. Both face tough competition. Victories are sometimes achieved with the narrowest margins. Short- and long-term strategies, in conjunction with dedication, perseverance and hard work, translate to the achievement of goals. As such, it makes sense for businesses to choose netball as a form of corporate team building.

In sports and in business, teams need to continuously surpass their performance during the past year. And in the same manner, goals and standards should be set higher each year, the achievement of which hinges upon the premise of looking for new ways to overcome challenges and adversities.

Netball can teach the members of your organisation that innate talent is almost always insufficient to win. Your organisation may be jam-packed with the best talents in the industry. However, knowledge, skills and experience can only be leveraged in a sustained manner by harnessing individual capabilities toward the fulfilment of common objectives.

In netball, teams face other groups with various skill levels. In order to emerge on top of the heap, teams need to learn how to focus on their matches, banking on their set strategies and making the necessary adjustments when needed. The opposing team may make a long rally, but the winning team is the one that pushes through, harnessing their determination and desire to overcome adversity.

Elite-level teams, both in business and sports, understand that the achievement of goals involves careful planning and setting smaller goals. And when successful teams reach their goals, be they to emerge as league champions or surpass last year’s sales records, they understand that a new benchmark has been made, that expectations will be set higher. In the same way, success can mean that your team becomes the new team to beat. The challenge, then, is to sustain success. Apart from retaining the core of your championship team, you need to have that positive mindset — the drive to overcome complacency and motivation to reinvent yourself to keep stagnation at bay.

Finally, elite-level teams in both sports and business take their time to celebrate their achievements. This serves as a reminder that their hard work, dedication, perseverance and sacrifices have paid off.

Top-calibre teams do not spring out of nowhere. Neither are they composed of superstars. Rather, they are built with the combination of leaders and role players who find their niche in the team and give their best shot with every task assigned to them.

If you want to build an elite-level business team, consider choosing netball as your next team building activity.