Keilor Mixed Indoor Netball – Are You Really Playing Proper Netball Or A Pretend Version?

Keilor Mixed Indoor Netball – Are You Really Playing Proper Netball Or A Pretend Version?

Keilor mixed indoor netball is a great way to ease yourself into the sport, whether you are a couple looking for a fun activity that you and your partner can both do, you are a Melbourne transplant looking to widen his social circle, or you are bored by the monotony of running on a treadmill or lifting weights.

However, playing netball games indoors has its own sets of drawbacks. With this game, nothing beats playing in a properly-sized court where you can have a whiff of fresh air. Most probably, you spend the rest of your day working indoors. Why then should you also have your fun indoors?

Indeed, you can reap several benefits by playing netball indoors. However, wouldn’t it be better to take advantage of other benefits that playing on a regulation court can give? Whether you are looking to increase your fitness level or you want to further hone your skills, there’s no other way to do that other than playing in a standard netball court. Playing indoor netball is similar to playing futsal, a pick-up basketball game in a half-court or even squash or racquetball – what you get is a watered-down version.

What are the key differences between indoor and outdoor netball?

Indoor games are typically played in cricket courts. A cricket pitch is typically 28 metres (about 92 feet) wide and 30 metres (about 98 feet) long. A full size netball court should be 100 by 50 feet. This means that you can’t comfortably fit two teams consisting of seven players on each side comfortably in indoor courts. And if you are looking for a challenging cardio workout, the better option would be to play the game outdoors.

A smaller playing space practically constricts player movements like high lobs and wide throws. Furthermore, the chances of injuries run higher when a game is played indoors.

The rules of the game may be compromised, too. It is not unusual for some players to modify rules to suit the playing area better. Umpires, too, have to give in to several concessions as the cramped game area affects their sight lines.

If you are simply looking for a pastime where you can exercise and socialise, playing indoors will often do. However, when you want a tougher workout or if you are looking to elevate your netball game, there is no other option but to play real netball in a regulation sized court.