Netball Competitions — Melbourne Residents’ Guide To Netball Joining Great Games

Netball Competitions — Melbourne Residents’ Guide To Netball Joining Great Games

It is fun to watch a netball competition. But it is even more fun to be able to play the game — to be in, so to speak, the thick of the action. When you have trained well, have a team in place, and are looking to play off against another team, how do you get into a competition?

There are multiple netball competitions, from across the globe and for professionals and non-professionals. If you’re in beautiful Melbourne, it is quite easy to find netball competitions. Melbourne Social Netball, for one, organises netball seasons across the capital city. It has been doing so since 1996.

The best part about this organisation is that it provides nightly social mixed and ladies netball competitions, for players over 18 years of age. Which means that not only will you get to play off against other netball players every night, but you also have a chance of expanding your network of friends. You might even meet new clients or business partners in the process!

But more than developing your skills as a netball player and challenging yourself through nightly competitions, you should also assess the safety of each game and the venue. You never know when you might get injured during a game because the venue isn’t up to standards or because other players are not keen on following the rules of the game.

While injuries may be avoided or prevented through well-organised competitions, Melbourne Social Netball knows that accidents will happen. The organisation recommends an insurance claim procedure should players get injured on its courts during the competition.

It is critical that you report the injury you incurred to the captain of your team. The nightly coordinator then writes up the incident. Claims should be lodged within 28 days of the date of injury.

Although you may be joining a non-professional competition, this does not mean your team’s uniforms would not look professional — or that any outfit would be allowed. You should still observe guidelines for team uniforms because this will not only make you want to play like a pro, but it will also keep you comfortable and safe from injuries throughout the game. So Melbourne Social’s criteria for team uniforms exclude casual shoes, skirts, cargo pants or jeans, and headwear, among other things. To avoid any unnecessary injuries, external body piercings have to be taped down.