Playing In The Most Fun Netball Competitions In Ascot Vale

Playing In The Most Fun Netball Competitions In Ascot Vale

Do you find your Ascot Vale evenings dull? Do you hate Mondays for being the start of a work week that takes forever to get to Friday night? Do you feel like you have to wait until the weekends before you can have a good time? If this is the case, you need to fill some of your weeknights with activities; otherwise, what a waste of perfectly good hours that could have been spent on something productive and fun. Why not try participating in netball competitions in Ascot Vale?

The pretty Melbourne suburb of Ascot Vale is home to many netball aficionados. You can easily find people to form a team with. If you’re new to the area or if, for some reason, you’re the only sports-minded person in your circle, you can sign up with Melbourne Social Netball as an individual player. Before long, you’ll be spending your Monday and Wednesday nights running up and down the outdoor flexipave courts at Riverside Golf and Tennis Centre. Boring weeknights solved!

If you’ve been following netball through the years, you’ve probably noticed how it has evolved. The games have gotten more intense without losing any of the fun factor. Being a team competition, it remains a highly social game. It has also become common for males to join in, and perhaps partly because of this, the sport has seen an increase in speed, athleticism, and general player skills. The women are certainly not to be left behind and have matched netball playing prowess with the men as is evident in many mixed games.

While players are usually in it primarily to enjoy the physical benefits of the sport and to sate their competitive spirit, half the fun of netball is in meeting other people who also love the game. Melbourne Social Netball engenders a sense of community with participants fostering camaraderie while fuelling each other’s passion for netball. All Melbourne Social Netball competitions in Ascot Vale finish at 9 p.m., so those who want to grab a bite or have a drink with teammates or even people from the other teams have every chance to do so. The court’s location is certainly ideal for after-game socialising since they can go to a bar and restaurant right there at the Riverside Golf and Tennis Centre. Losers pay or winners treat or everybody goes Dutch; what’s important is that netballers bond.

If you’re a netball enthusiast in Ascot Vale, you never need worry about uneventful weeknights. You can spend them playing games, training, and even just hanging out with all those new friends you made.