The Important Role of Local Netball Clubs – Melbourne

The Important Role of Local Netball Clubs – Melbourne

In the Melbourne area, there are several local netball clubs. Melbourne has its fair share of netballers and, as a result, support for the sport is high and enthusiastic. These local netball clubs actually play an important role not only in promoting the cause of the sport, but also in bringing the community together.

Don’t you love the idea of people coming together, at first virtual strangers, to eventually develop friendships and associate with each other as members of the same netball family? In many cases, they meet as youngsters and remain friends for life.

In joining local netball clubs, Melbourne aficionados are given the opportunity to get involved in the game as players or otherwise. Those who are not able to play can take part as team manager, coach, umpire, etc. For youth clubs, the parents are allowed to contribute in the same manner. Dads umpire, mums prepare refreshments, and anybody else who wants to be involved could do a slew of other tasks such as maintaining the equipment, providing transportation to and from games, etc.

Local netball clubs are great breeding grounds for future sports pros. They have, in fact, contributed to the development of many a successful athlete. Social netball is particularly great at training players as they get to play with and against people of either gender and all ages.

Without a doubt, many of today’s professional netballers can credit their local netball clubs for their sporting growth. Many of them reminisce about their own clubs, how hundreds of locals used to show up to watch their teams play, how they enjoyed the connection, how they spent almost all their time at their clubs which provided them a place to hang out as well as keep them active, etc.

Teams from local netball clubs in the Melbourne area often participate in games hosted by Melbourne Social Netball. Through games usually held at the Riverside Golf and Tennis Centre, they are able to meet even more netball fans in the community. It certainly brings the term “social netball” to whole new levels.

Like many sports clubs, local netball clubs are often self-sustaining and they count on financial support from different funding bodies in order to continue their mission and vision for their community. Considering the good that these local sports clubs do, support — financial and otherwise — should be given to ensure that they continue and thrive. They could even end up producing the next netball stars of Australia.