Why Join a Netball Team Now

Why Join a Netball Team Now

Are you thinking of joining a netball team? Banish the second thoughts because here are several great reasons why you should join a netball team now.

Let’s divide the advantages of being a netball team member into three categories, starting with the most obvious, which is the physical. After that, we can proceed to discuss the mental and social benefits.

1.Physical – You know you’ll be playing with regularity if you join a netball team, so you’ll be reaping all the physical benefits offered by the sport.

  • Health and fitness – With the kind of action seen on court, you can expect netballers to be in good shape. You’ll be moving so much that you can’t help but sweat profusely as well as get your heart pumping and your blood flowing. Playing regularly means that you’ll look fit and feel great.
  • Coordination – Controlling the ball while running and keeping track of where everybody is — these are just some of the tasks you need to carry out simultaneously. To be adept at performing such physical multitasking, you need to develop coordination. You’re sure to do that if you play frequently.

2.Mental – By playing netball, you also get to sharpen your mind. During a game, you need to think fast and make quick calls. These choices have to be good or it could cost you points, the ball, or even the game.

  • Strategic thinking – While it’s usually your coach who comes up with the game plan, you still need to think strategically in order to make quick decisions.
  • Analytical thinking – You also need to be able to look at a game situation and register its implications so you can act accordingly.

3.Social – Being in a team, you need to deal with other people. Your social skills will be honed as you participate in events by Melbourne Social Netball, play in front of spectators, engage in teamwork, and meet other netballers.

  • Sense of belonging – It’s a great social boon for you to know that you are part of a team. You have instant friends in the other members of your team.
  • Self-esteem – As you play more and more, your performance will improve. You will feel proud of being good at something. Your confidence will consequently increase and impact your social behaviour.
  • Exposure – Playing in front of other people will help you be more at ease in your own skin, especially if you’re doing it with a group. Also, belonging to the local netball community is another way to broaden your world, allowing you to meet more people and see more places, including the Riverside Golf and Tennis Centre where many netball tournaments are held.

Make the decision to be part of your own netball team and you can soon reap all the wonderful benefits that come with it.