The New Year is fast approaching and along with it come the hope for a fresh start, as well as the motivation to improve oneself, make grand plans and set lofty goals. For many, this New Year “bucket list” usually includes the intent to lose pounds, tone body parts, or some other health and fitness-related objective. Unfortunately, it’s entirely too common that the enthusiasm for a new exercise program wanes and any effort toward it eventually stops. This is why it’s really important to find a fitness plan that suits you.

For many, the answer comes in the form of a sport. If you’re in the Melbourne area, an awesome option for you is social netball. In what ways is the game potentially your ideal New Year exercise?

  • If your fitness goals include cultivating an active lifestyle, losing weight, strengthening your body, and generally improving your physical fitness, netball can help you achieve all these. You’ll be playing a competitive contact sport, so that doesn’t leave any doubt in your mind about how active you’ll be. If you need to lose weight, then regularly playing will make you burn more calories and sweat those extra pounds off. With the constant running, passing, catching, shooting, etc., different muscles are toned and trained. The overall effect is really a fitter version of yourself.
  • It forces you to make time. If you sign up with Melbourne Social Netball, you can’t renege on what would otherwise have been a simple mental commitment. With other people involved and games officially scheduled, netball is not as easy to ditch when something comes up or you don’t find yourself in the mood to get your body moving. As a New Year exercise resolution, playing netball is a very smart choice.
  • It’s a great outlet. It allows you to blow off steam. Any aggression you feel toward your usual activities and encounters, you can take out on the court. It feeds your latent bloodthirsty instincts as you find an avenue to be competitive. Netball also presents you with a different scene, allowing you to get away from your routine. It brings you to places like the Riverside Golf and Tennis Centre, Flagstaff Gardens, Richmond Recreation Centre, Ryan’s Reserve, and Melbourne High School.
  • It carries over to your daily life. The benefits of netball are relevant to your personal and professional life. The practice of the sport and the exercise you derive from it improve how you think and move in your daily life. You’ll definitely want to stick with it.
  • It makes you feel good about yourself. It provides another opportunity for success, another field to excel at. Playing sports gives you a sense of accomplishment, no matter the outcome of a game. You know you’re actively working on staying fit, honing skills, and making connections.

If these qualities appeal to you, then playing netball is an ideal fitness plan for you.

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