Why Form Netball Clubs? Melbourne Organisations Discover Benefits

Why Form Netball Clubs? Melbourne Organisations Discover Benefits

Professionals spend a third of their waking lives at the office, or in some cases, even more. As such, it is no longer unlikely to attribute some disorders and diseases to sitting down, hunched over a computer all day at the office.

In order to counter these and promote wellness, creativity, productivity and camaraderie, more and more Melbourne organisations are investing in wellness programmes. These programmes can range from subsidising employee lunches, giving staff members fitness education opportunities, or even setting up one area in the office as a gym.

For the organisations, the benefits are obvious – less absenteeism and reduced health care costs. On top of these, employees become healthier and more satisfied with their jobs, which in turn boosts productivity.

Depending on the program, employees can reap the benefits of improved health, better quality of sleep, weight reduction and savings on medications.

If your organisation is planning to implement a wellness programme, you can look at the possibility of integrating friendly netball competitions between your departments at the office.

Since 1996, Melbourne Social Netball has been organising competitions and placing new teams around Melbourne. Our netball clubs, Melbourne business organisations should know, may either be comprised of all-women teams or a mix of boys and girls. Unlike other wellness programmes, playing social netball is a fun and engaging activity that offers benefits like increased wellness, trust and cooperation, a perfect fit for businesses who put a premium on these for their employees.

On top of these, we focus on the safety of our netball players, while our umpires have been carefully selected and are well-versed in sports psychology. This allows them to better assess player needs and offer a higher level of service.

If you have one or more teams ready to try and play netball, they can begin playing. Various seasons open all throughout the year. Games are held every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights. We also have five inner Melbourne venues to choose from so you’ll surely find a location that is convenient for the members of your business organisation.

How do you begin competing?

First, collect the personal details of each team member including their birthdates, email addresses and mobile numbers. From there, pay the corresponding fees through PayPal. Team registration and insurance have a combined fee of $250 per team. If your team is joining once the season has begun, the registration and insurance fee would be $300 per team. Note that your team/teams will be placed into round four. Weekly game cost is pegged at $70.

Once the fees have been paid, remember to download your receipt and then upload that to the Team Registration Form.