Why You Should Play in Summer Netball Competitions

Why You Should Play in Summer Netball Competitions

There was a time when netball was generally regarded as a winter sport. With the number of summer netball competitions being held not only in Melbourne but all over the globe, this is obviously no longer the case. Social netball, in particular, doesn’t pick its seasons. The benefits apply year round.

Playing in summer netball competitions is a fun and relaxed way for netballers to continue their netball journey. Who said you needed to play tennis in summer and netball only in winter? You can keep on enjoying the lovely sport as the temperature rises.

Also, if you play in official netball leagues in the winter, then summer is a perfect time to sign up with Melbourne Social Netball. It’s more about getting friends together to enjoy court time while still keeping your netball skills honed. Its summer competitions are certainly a much sought-after fixture in its calendar and registration is definitely high.

If you need a little more persuasion, here are some of the reasons why you should play summer netball:

  • Keep your lovely netball legs and bum. You can squat, lunge, and burpee all you want at the gym, but your legs and glutes won’t get as toned as they do from the hour-long nonstop running, super-jumping, sprinting, and side-stepping that you do on a netball court.
  • Get you out and about. Your destination isn’t only the netball courts, although the ones Melbourne Social Netball uses are great enough venues, such as the Riverside Golf and Tennis Centre, Flagstaff Gardens, Richmond Recreation Centre, Ryan’s Reserve, and Melbourne High School. Beyond game venues, players and spectators can mingle after matches and hit the nearest pub or dining establishment. Even better, if there’s a summer event going on nearby like a fair or a concert, you can all go together.
  • Eat your weight in post-match munchies. With the warmer weather, you’ll be sweating even more profusely, so you can eat, drink, and be merry without any guilt. You can even tell yourself that you really need it to keep your energy up.
  • Banish the thermals. You can stash your base layers in the drawer until the cooler season arrives. It’s also easier to move when you’re not weighed down by six layers of thermals.
  • Enjoy staying dry. Summer netball is played in lovely sunny weather. Not only are you likely to stay dry, but games are also likely to proceed. Winter matches are prone to cancellations because of the weather. Then again, it has been known to rain in Melbourne during the summer, so don’t take the weather for granted. Still, it’s nowhere near as bad as in the winter.
  • Play in the sun on a dry court. In the winter, games often continue despite the rain, or sometimes the rain has stopped by the time of your match, but the court is still wet. Those who restrain their movements in winter games on wet courts can appreciate the freedom to jump around without fear of a face plant in the summer.

These are just some of the perks of playing netball in the summer. It’s a lot of fun, so make sure you don’t miss out.