Netball Competitions in Kew Offer Senior Adults a Venue to Get Fit and Have Fun

Netball Competitions in Kew Offer Senior Adults a Venue to Get Fit and Have Fun

A common misconception among older adults is that as they advance in years, they should start to “mellow down.” This typically means that they should start to slow down with their lifestyle, become more careful and choosy with what they do, and simply refrain from physically taxing activities. The belief is that one’s body becomes more delicate with age, and so doing things such as taking up sports is a huge no-no.

But health experts disagree and want to correct this myth. An active lifestyle is actually recommended, if not essential, to maintaining good health during older adulthood. Regular exercise, especially by engaging in fun competitive sports, is highly effective in improving physical, mental and emotional well-being. A lively, social type of sport can provide seniors a chance to engage in a fitness-boosting activity and at the same time enjoy the company of other people of all ages.

If a senior loved one is looking for a way to engage in a sports activity on a regular basis, a great option is to have them sign up here at Melbourne Social Netball. Joining the club provides them an opportunity to take part in netball competitions near Kew and near Melbourne Social Netball, within a safe, supportive and friendly environment.

As you would ordinarily do before trying out an exercise program, it’s good practice to ask clearance from a doctor before joining the netball club. The doctor may provide advice should a certain activity be avoided and may issue reminders in consideration of existing health conditions.

It also pays to start slow, especially if your older family member has not been physically active for a while. Take note, however, that no one is too old to start exercising. But if they have been mostly leading a sedentary lifestyle, gradually easing into the netball schedule will help build up their stamina and strength, as well as prevent injury.

Aside from playing netball games, older adults can also spend time watching the netball competitions here at Melbourne Social Netball. Soaking in the energy and excitement of the game as a member of the audience is great for lifting their mood and emotional well-being. Furthermore, the camaraderie in the club gives them a chance to enjoy an active social life.

With a regular competition schedule, senior adults enjoy the best benefits of regular exercise: weight maintenance, better muscle tone, improved flexibility and mobility, stronger immunity and lowered risk of chronic conditions such as heart disease, stroke and certain cancers. Physical activity during the day is also a proven method to solve sleep problems; with better sleep, seniors can enjoy balanced energy, sharper mental skills and even avoid the risk of Alzheimer’s.

Let your senior loved one experience the physical, mental and emotional benefits of playing netball. Contact Melbourne Social Netball for more details today.